GOES & TSA Pre-Check Basics

     Traveling by air has become a much more complicated process since 9/11.  Because the careful screening now required also causes significant delays, the Government has created several programs to streamline the processing.  These involve self-identifying travelers who can be per-determined to present a low risk to security and who can therefore be subjected to less rigorous screening at the airport itself. 


     The two programs are:  TSA Pre-Check, which allows travelers to go through a simplified screening process at the security checkpoint in airports, and GOES (Global Online Enrollment System), which has many of the same benefits as the Pre-Check, but also allows travelers entering the U.S. to enjoy an expedited process through U.S. customs.


     Because of the technical nature of the approval process for these programs, it is possible to be eligible but have your application rejected for various reasons.  We represent travelers who encounter difficulty during this application process, or facing a revocation.


TSA Pre-Check

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