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Common security clearance process "quick questions" answered in new book.

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

In Leslie's new book, entitled The Top 25 "Quick Questions" About Security Clearances ANSWERED!, she answers the 25 top questions that clients (and friends and colleagues) ask about the security clearance process.

As a security clearance lawyer, I get many of the same questions over and over. The answers are old hat to me, but they are new each time to the person asking. So, this Spring, I wrote a short book (about 100 pages) that gives answers to the top 25 questions that I get. The questions and answers are concise, direct and easy to understand. Almost all the answers will work for everyone, but in the few that might vary according to circumstances, I've pointed them out. I've also given advice about when you should consult with a security clearance lawyer if the issue is truly complex in your case. But, really, the vast majority of these questions have simple answers that apply to everyone. You can check out the entire list of the 25 questions the book answers on our Books page. The book itself is for sale on Amazon here.

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